About Dr Goldmeier

Dr Goldmeier has extensive experience in the sexual dysfunction and sexual medicine fields. He leads the internationally renowned Jane Wadsworth Sexual Function Clinic at the Jefferiss Wing at St Mary's Hospital, and chairs the sexual dysfunction specialist interest group of the British Association of Sexual Health and HIV, as well as being on the council of the British Society of Sexual Medicine. He holds an honorary Senior Lecturer post at Imperial College London.


Dr Goldmeier practices using a wide range of physical, pharmacological and psychological treatments. He has helped to pioneer the use and incorporation of mindfulness meditation into sexual therapy and has particular expertise in sexual problems in people with HIV, hypersexual disorder (sexual addiction) and in women with the persistent genital arousal disorder.


He has worked in the sexual medicine and sexually transmitted infection fields for over 35 years. Dr Goldmeier works with patients using an informative and empathic approach. He has written over 110 academic articles in sexual medicine abstracts of most of these papers available to see on Pubmed.


Membership of Societies and honorary professional activities

As well as being a leading Consultant in Sexual dysfunction, Dr Goldmeier is a member of the following societies and honorary professional activities


  • Chairperson, Sexual Dysfunction Special Interest Group of British Association of Sexual Health and HIV (2005- present)
  • Fellow of Royal College of Physicians of London
  • Council member, British Society of Sexual Medicine
  • Past Board of Directors and Treasurer International Society for Study of Women's Sexual Health
  • Associate Editor of Journal Sexually Transmitted Infection
  • Member of College of Sex and Relationship Therapists
  • Regular scientific reviewer for a number of academic journals, including Journal of Sexual Medicine





Dr David Goldmeier

David Goldmeier